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May 17th, 2007 @ 7:16pm
Back from the retreat! It was all right. I heard that some people were expecting more out of it and were a bit disappointed.. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't like I never wanted it to end. Maybe if we didn't have to share 3 showers. Or maybe if the activities/exercises had been more inspiring. It feels like on past days of prayer we've accomplished and bonded more than we have on this three-day retreat. So no, it wasn't the big last bonding experience we thought it'd be. And we didn't cry as we got off the buses, like the class a few years back did. And only one of us got up to talk about the experience to everyone (parents & etc.) at the welcome back mass. But as experiences go it wasn't bad.

On the second night we (N, M, R, and I, as in me) slept outside under the stars and sixty foot tall coconut trees. Luckily no coconuts fell and killed us, though on the morning of the second day one fell right near G. He had a near-death experience. :p At like 5:30 AM it started raining, so we had to get up quick and rush everything inside :P Our reflexes were so superfast. First few drops fell and me and M and R woke up, M saying "Rain, rain, rain!", then N woke up and we all gathered stuff up and ran. Luckily it wasn't the middle of the night so we got to be outside in the breeze for the majority of the night, plus it didn't start raining hard until a while after we got inside. We slept for another half-hour or so inside, then came our classmate who was assigned to ring the bell, ringing it loudly for a long period of time. I believe R described said classmate accurately when he said something along the lines of "It's his job to be annoying and he loves it." :P

The food was good. The second day we had this awesome barbecue! And potato salad. I want some now. I should go eat dinner. But I'm working on my myspace.. I guess I'll go eat in a bit.

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smoothies and retreats and overdue assignments, oh my [
May 13th, 2007 @ 2:55pm
My cousin and I made these horrible, thick taro "smoothies". They're all right, I suppose; the main point is that they're too thick (because of all the taro, the ice is actually gone). I'm taking mine in small doses over an extended period of time.

And last night we made avocado smoothies, which weren't this bad (we haven't generally had good luck with taro), though I got my cousin to finish mine. Was probably not a good idea to add lemon to my cup.

I should probably look up actual recipes online than just keep going by instinct :P

Three day (two night) class retreat tomorrow (called Emmaus Retreat), our last bonding experience. I hope it's not terribly boring.

I hope I don't get my period. Why did the retreat have to be now? :|

I woke up on like, Friday, which was a free day (exams finished last week Wednesday, though we don't graduate til the 26th and have a smattering of activities still). I like, shot awake because I remembered that I hadn't finished this one English assignment. And it's so easy! Just needed to take some of the dialogue from Frank O'Connor's The First Confession, and rewrite a part in another character's POV. So I finished that on Saturday, and will turn it in tomorrow when we meet at school to go on the retreat. I figure it'll be okay as the underclassmen are all having exams this week so school's still in session and the teacher will still log in my grade (she gave us a chance and said we wouldn't be marked late for any work we turned in late, though that was last week...).

Man... three days without internet. :(

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addendum [
May 4th, 2007 @ 12:57pm
Oh, and happy No Pants Day!

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an update from MHS day [
May 4th, 2007 @ 12:53pm
I am here at my school's name day, sitting among the crowd of friends and acquaintances as we wait for the rain to subside so we can walk to RIC and get nachos. The band played, and the choir sang (they were great). There's this guy here who's a bit touched in the head (someone said because of drugs) and he keeps going up and dancing. He's pretty good, though.

Currently my friends are discussing our funds. We have about $9, but R can get another $4 from my sister and blah blah scrounging :P

Well, the rain's down to a drizzle, I don't know if we're going to wait until it really stops or go while the going's good. Anyway, I'm going to check my myspace and mail before we leave.

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new sketchbook [
May 2nd, 2007 @ 11:19am
I haff a new sketchbook, which arrived a few weeks ago in the mail, along with new micron liners. It currently lives on my bedroom floor. I have one last page in my current sketchbook. I think I've gotten better, I hope I can draw more interesting things in it. I want to be able to draw more dynamically as well, not just people standing around making the same expression all the time.

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the everyday things [
April 26th, 2007 @ 11:13pm
I want to go around constantly in a hoodie and hat and such to see if I can make myself paler to contrast with the dark color I'll undoubtedly wear to prom.

Though it's usually 95 degrees (F) out :( And I'd look odd.

We're having a Close Up (government/politics club) forum tomorrow and we don't have to wear uniforms, just the club shirt :) We set the place up this afternoon. It was sweaty work. I hate sweating in my uniform because it's got this white blouse which sticks to me and is see through (but for my under-tank-top) and generally sucks when wet.

I need to come up with a dress design. And lose weight! The prom theme is, unfortunately, "Luau". It may sound unique and interesting to you guys in the US and UK and wherever, but trust me, when you live on an island.. It's not :| So I'm just going to ignore the theme, I think. Or get a (semi?) formal dress that cleverly integrates "luau" while still looking nice.

Ach, I still have to design my page in the yearbook and my graduation invitation :(

PS I've discovered Mika and he's wonderful!

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the girl with the orange sign [
April 19th, 2007 @ 11:28am
During physics, the period before lunch, a disturbance occurred. Everyone went to the windows. People asked if anyone had a camera. There was a girl across the street, whom some people knew. She was wearing a large, day-glow orange sign: those ones with two sides that go on your front and back. The words were too small to read from where we were, but someone said that it was something along the lines of an announcement that she had broken the law. Underage drinking, it was said. She is on probation.

Interesting tactic, police force. Interesting tactic.

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ach. [
April 11th, 2007 @ 12:21am
[ mood | still tired ]

The update form kept giving me shit about a wrong password, so I kept trying to submit. Then I check my page and it's posted like 5 times! WTF! Am currently deleting excess.

Anyway I noticed that I never updated with the fact that I did get to see the cross's departure and sign cases and other such things. I will get pictures of that to post later, as M has them (we used her camera as mine's dead).

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nachos, senior plays, and etc. [
April 10th, 2007 @ 11:55pm
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hi. So I haven't updated in awhile.

I'm so sleepy right now!

I'm just going to print this whole article off of wikipedia and hilite important stuff tomorrow. :'| Want sleeeeps. It was so hard to wake up this morning. Darn books that draw one in!

I want better drawrin' skills.

Hehe, I took G's sunglasses. He knows (or at least was convinced) that it was me. My group of friends has kind of had this take-and-hide each other's stuff for laughs gag going on. I was going to give the shades back, but he never came back to movie club (watching 'Stick It' this week - it's my third viewing but still ok to watch cause of the pretty tricks) even though he said he would. The fickle boy!

And he threatened me by saying that he took something of mine, and I wouldn't find out what it was until I either 1. gave back his shades or 2. really need it, which he said would be tomorrow. I checked and have my writing and drawing stuff, my sketchbook, my calculator, and other vital things still with me. So what? What is it? I spose I'll see tomorrow if he was bluffing or not.

We (most of my group) went to go get nachos later. They were delicious. Apparently S nearly had a heart attack after consuming a whole plate by himself yesterday. He had the whole night sweat, uneasy sleep, pain in arms and chest thing last night. Heh. That's what he gets for eating a whole one of those things! With meat! Though he has been craving them the past week and the gas station mart thing near our school has been out (he got his yesterday and we got ours at a restaurant across town, not the gas station, though).

Ach! Nacho craving! :|

I think I'll settle for sleep. So I'll view a few more deviations and then turn in.

So the senior class managed to pull off a play version of the Passion of Christ, which we wrote, directed, and starred in. M & I had a fair hand in directing, and I wrote and improved a fair bit. It was HECTIC. I have never been so busy as I was last week (Holy Week). And the performance didn't even seem like it was amazing, and we made mistakes, but apparently everyone liked it. We've only heard good stuff. So it was pretty cool, pulling it off. Yeah. And my eye's pretty much quit twitching from the stress. :)

Went swimming on Easter. It was fun.

And my uncle's just left for the airport, he's going back to the States.

That seems a good update, methinks.

Ugh, I still have 3 creative writing assignments due for literature! :'| I was doing one, but it's probably to racy. I guess we'll see.

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World Youth Day & the Youth Day cross [
March 15th, 2007 @ 9:28pm
[ mood | excited ]

I stole a lot of this from my post to JRi ;p Am lazy.

I saw the World Youth Day cross tonight, but didn't get to touch it. I probably will tomorrow at the school mass.

What I was really bummed out about was that I didn't get to write my name on the case - and there were so many, they literally covered it. Thousands of people have added to that, plus the cross has been touched and carried by thousands of people - including John Paul II - and it's part of something so big, so universal - it really swelled up the emotion in me. I mean, when I think of the meaning of the cross, it's just awesome (in the traditional sense of the word) to think about. What this simple object holds for millions of people...

I teared up and cried on the way home and then up in my room. :/ I was pretty emotional, though not just because of the cross but also the disappointment at not getting to sign the case and frustration at nearly missing it because we didn't know it was coming out of the cargo entrance and had been milling around in the terminal until my mom found us and rushed us over.

I hope I get another chance to add my part to the case, at the departure. I'd seriously run past security.

I want to go to WYD 2008, in Sydney, so badly! I think it would be this incredible experience.. I just need to raise the cash! A year in which to do so - I think it's possible. Plus I'll be 18 just in time. Very very possible, no?

Plus on this one site I've been looking information up on, it said the registration fee for 1st world countries (US, England, Canada, etc.) will be raised from $200 to $280 as an "act of social justice", so that fees for 3rd world countries may be lowered. Yay! :) It is true, that we make less money here (and other 3rd world countries), and them doing this makes it a lot easier. It didn't post the price for registration for 3rd world countries though, I'll have to look that up on the official site.

This is getting me rather excited.

Ach! I need a camera. To take pictures tommorrow, too, and at the departure. My sister can't find hers, apparently... I really want to take a picture. When will we ever get this close to the cross again? We've only been able to be feet from it because there was only a small crowd there (because the population of Palau itself is small). In other countries there must be hundreds of people trying to get near, to see it. It's really amazing.

ETA: registration is $50! Woo! :D

+ today is Youth Day in Palau! I'm not sure if this is a Palau-specific holiday or what, and whether the cross's arrival on Youth Day was planned or not, but even if it wasn't it is a pretty cool coincidence :)

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